15:30 - 16:20 CEST Tutorial Session #1
Metrology as the basis for accurate and reliable measurements
Alessandro Germak,
National Institute of Metrological Research (INRiM), Italy
16:20 - 17:10 CEST Tutorial Session #2
Acoustic array measurements for aeroacoustics in automotive
Gianmarco Battista,
Universitŕ Politecnica delle Marche, Italy
17:10 - 18:00 CEST Tutorial Session #3
Measurement of evaporative emissions and canister adsorption/desorption evaluation techniques
Luca Romagnuolo,
University of Naples Federico II, Italy
09:30 - 10:20 CEST Plenary Session - Metrology in Formula 1 - Measuring Fast Cars
Stefano Lovera,
Ferrari F1
10:30 - 11:50 CEST Session 1.1 - Enhancing Smart Measurement Systems with Artificial Intelligence for the Automotive Industry of the Future
Chairs: T. Fedullo, A. Morano, F. Tramarin
Session 1.2 - The Smart Battery Paradigm: sensors, modeling, diagnostics and characterization for the next generation batteries
Chairs: P.A. Traverso, M. Crescentini
10:30 CEST 1570716080 - Estimation of the braking torque for MotoGP class motorcycles with carbon braking systems through machine learning algorithms
Federico Bonini; Gionata Manduchi; Nicolň Mancinelli; Alberto Martini
1570712092 - Practical Broadband Measurement of Battery EIS
Alessio De Angelis; Emanuele Buchicchio; Francesco Santoni; Antonio Moschitta; Paolo Carbone
10:50 CEST 1570723384 - On-Board Diagnostic of the Motor Vehicle through Smartphone
Pietro VJA Cannistrŕ; Luca Faramondi; Giulio Iannello; Roberto Setola; Luca Vollero
1570716305 - Sensors for Next-Generation Smart Batteries in Automotive: a Review
Roberta Ramilli; Marco Crescentini; Pier Andrea Traverso
11:10 CEST 1570728423 - Digital Twins as Electric Motor Soft-Sensors in the Automotive Industry
Francesco Toso; Riccardo Torchio; Andrea Favato; Paolo Gherardo Carlet; Silverio Bolognani; Piergiorgio Alotto
1570720195 - Li-Ion Batteries State of Health Analysis via Electro-chemical Impedance Spectroscopy
Gianluca Caposciutti; Gabriele Bandini; Mirko Marracci; Alice Buffi; Bernardo Tellini
11:30 CEST 1570728683 - Developing Safety Metrics for Automatic Vehicle Parking Using Machine Learning
Ronda Easley; S M Mizanoor Rahman
1570722957 - Smart batteries: requirements of the automotive world
Mauro F. Sgroi; Matteo Dotoli; Mattia Giuliano; Giovanna Nicol; Flavio Parussa; Riccardo Rocca
12:00 - 13:20 CEST Session 2.1 - Design, simulation, characterization and communication of measuring and testing systems for ADAS
Chairs: J. Sobotka, S. Cattini
Session 2.2 - Measurements, Meters and Standards in Automotive
Chairs: C. Landi, P. Iacomussi
12:00 CEST 1570716009 - Fiber-based Frequency Modulated LiDAR With MEMS Scanning Capability for Long-range Sensing in Automotive Applications
Sarah Cwalina; Christoph Kottke; Volker Jungnickel; Ronald Freund; Patrick Runge; et al
1570728793 - A Metrological Fuel Surveillance Application Based on Internet of Intelligent Vehicles
Pedro Andrade; Ivanovitch Silva; Gabriel Signoretti; Marianne Silva; Joao Dias; Lucas Marques; Wilson Melo, Jr.; Carlos Galhardo
12:20 CEST 1570716280 - Comparison of VLP-16 and MRS-1000 LiDAR systems with absolute interferometer
Davide Cassanelli; Stefano Cattini; Luca Di Cecilia; Luca Ferrari; Luigi Rovati
1570729676 - A Laboratory for Testing E-mobility Power Electronics
Antonio Delle Femine; Daniele Gallo; Giuliano Cipolletta; Mario Luiso; Giovanni D'Avanzo; Carmine Landi
12:40 CEST 1570716349 - Software Platform for Automotive Radar Target Simulator
Lukáš Krejčí; Jiří Novák; Jan Sobotka
1570715941 - On the trustworthiness of a digital 3D MEMS gyroscope responsiveness to dynamic accelerations for ADAS applications
Alessandro Schiavi; Paola Iacomussi; Laura Rossi; Andrea Prato; Fabrizio Mazzoleni; Alessio Facello; Gianfranco Genta; Raffaele Signoretti
13:00 CEST 1570721600 - Generating synthetic radar targets using azimuthal distributed scatterer for automotive applications
Michael Vorderderfler; Michael Gadringer; Helmut Schreiber; Wolfgang Bosch; Herman Jalli Ng
1570731037 - Accurate coil springs axial and transverse stiffness measurements with multicomponent testing machines
Andrea Prato; Gianfranco Genta; Maurizio Galetto; Fabrizio Mazzoleni; Alessio Facello; Alessandro F.L. Germak
14:30 - 16:00 CEST IEEE Women in Engineering - Italy Section AG - Panel
Exploiting the gender diversity impact in the Automotive sector
16:10 - 17:30 CEST Session 3.1 - On-board and off-board vehicle speed meters: design, realization, calibration and diagnosis
Chairs: M. Laracca, L. Ferrigno, Lei Du
Session 3.2 - Measurement for Improving Quality, Reliability and Safety of Hydraulic Systems for Applications in Mobility
Chairs: E. Frosina, L. Romagnuolo, A. Senatore
16:10 CEST 1570710395 - Implementation of national comparison of optical speed meters in China
Qiao Sun; Lei Du; Jie Bai; Jin Cao; Lifang Wang; Yang Su
1570721662 - Description of Measurement Techniques for determination of Evaporative Emissions from Gasoline-fueled Vehicles
Luca Romagnuolo; Emma Frosina; Francesco Fortunato; Vincenzo Mirante; Assunta Andreozzi; Adolfo Senatore
16:30 CEST 1570711842 - An Off-board Reference Facility for Road Vehicle Speed Measurement Based on 3D Tracking Radar
Lei Du; Qiao Sun; Jie Bai
1570722011 - Experimental analysis of a water spray for the sensors cleaning at different injection pressures
Alessandro Montanaro; Luigi Allocca; Giovanni Meccariello; Emma Frosina; Luca Romagnuolo; Adolfo Senatore
16:50 CEST 1570711868 - Calculation of the minimum distance of driving route for average speed control based on three-dimensional modeling
Hao Tang; Jindong Li; Xubo Chen; Hongjie Zhou; Lan Yin; Wenhui Lin; Qiuxi Deng; Jiqiu Deng; Yihong Xia; Weixian Zeng
1570723111 - Experimental Visualization and Lagrangian Simulation of ECN Spray G Injection Process
Alessandro Montanaro; Francesco Duronio; Luigi Allocca; Angelo De Vita; Stefano Ranieri
17:10 CEST 1570729598 - Analysis of the Uncertainty Contributions for on Board Vehicle Speed Meters Calibration Method
Luigi Ferrigno; Marco Laracca; Adolfo Martucci; Gianfranco Miele; Silvia Sangiovanni
1570723264 - Conventional and novel measurement systems for sub-23 nm particles emitted by SI engine fueled with low formation particulate fuels
Silvana Di Iorio; Agnese Magno; Francesco Catapano; Bianca Vaglieco
09:00 - 09:50 CEST Plenary Session - Technical challenging for ADAS/AD sensors evaluation in complex real road scenarios
Mirko Muro,
Stellantis N.V.
10:00 - 11:20 CEST Session 4.1 - Sensors and Systems for the Measurement of Stress, Attention and Drowsiness Measurement on Drivers
Chair: A. Affanni
Session 4.2 - General Session - Part I
Chair: M. Pasetti
10:00 CEST 1570715793 - Stress recognition in a simulated city environment using Skin Potential Response (SPR) signals
Pamela Zontone; Antonio Affanni; Alessandro Piras; Roberto Rinaldo
1570707660 - Intelligent Parking Vehicle Identification and Classification System
Amit K Kumar; Mansour H Assaf; Voicu Groza; Emil M. Petriu
10:20 CEST 1570716338 - Slow-Time mmWave Radar Vibrometry for Drowsiness Detection
Gianluca Ciattaglia; Susanna Spinsante; Ennio Gambi
1570712824 - Measurement methods and evaluation techniques of indoor CO2 in a cabin for an electric crane
Luca Muratori; Lorenzo Peretto; Giovanni Bottiglieri; Federico Coiro; Beatrice Pulvirenti; Raffaella Di Sante
10:40 CEST 1570719418 - Validating photoplethysmography (PPG) data for driver drowsiness detection
Andrea Amidei; Piero Giorgio Fallica; Sabrina Conoci; Paolo Pavan
1570712830 - Air quality and comfort characterisation within an electric vehicle cabin
Luigi Russi; Paolo Guidorzi; Beatrice Pulvirenti; Giovanni Semprini; Davide Aguiari; Giovanni Pau
11:00 CEST 1570723051 - Design of a low cost EEG sensor for the measurement of stress-related brain activity during driving
Antonio Affanni; Taraneh Aminosharieh Najafi; Sonia Guerci
1570712838 - Assessment of energy saving due to a flexible indoor air quality control
Luca Muratori; Lorenzo Peretto; Giovanni Bottiglieri; Federico Coiro; Beatrice Pulvirenti; Raffaella Di Sante
11:30 - 12:50 CEST Session 5.1 - Measurement for Improving Quality, Reliability and Safety in Automotive Applications
Chairs: L. Ciani, M. Catelani
Session 5.2 - General Session - Part II
Chair: S. Rinaldi
11:30 CEST 1570722271 - Remote Battery Monitoring System enforcing Safety features in Electric Vehicles
Giovanni Gherardi; Ioannis Deligiannis; Eleonora Montanari; Adriana Theodorakopoulou; Valerio Piccini
1570721414 - Kinematic Parameters Calibration for Automotive Millimeter-Wave Radars
Tianqi Xu; Lei Du; Jie Bai; Qiao Sun; Xiaolei Wang
11:50 CEST 1570728782 - Towards a customized vehicular maintenance based on 2-layers data-stream application
Marianne Silva; Gabriel Signoretti; Pedro Andrade; Ivanovitch Silva; Paolo Ferrari
1570716218 - A Novel Algorithm for Lane Detection based on Iterative Tree Search
Mario Terlizzi; Luigi Russo; Enrico Picariello; Luigi Glielmo
12:10 CEST 1570730246 - Accelerated Testing and Reliability estimation of electronic boards for automotive applications
Marcantonio Catelani; Lorenzo Ciani; Giulia Guidi; Gabriele Patrizi
1570716351 - Vehicle Localisation using Asphalt Embedded Magnetometer Sensors
Giammarco Valenti; Francesco Biral; Daniele Fontanelli
12:30 CEST 1570716170 - Strain Modal Testing with Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors of Composite Components for Automotive Applications
Francesco Falcetelli; Alberto Martini; Alessandro Rivola; Raffaella Di Sante; Marco Troncossi
1570729323 - Development of a flexible test bench for a Hybrid Electric Propulsion System
Enrico Fornaro; Bonaventura Gargiulo; Massimo Cardone
14:00 - 14:50 CEST Plenary Session - Physical measurements role inside a high performance car virtual development
Giuseppe Raimondi,
15:00 - 16:20 CEST Session 6.1 - IoT Systems and Smart Measurement Architectures for Automotive Performance Evaluation
Chairs: A. Pozzebon, A. Fort, M. Mugnaini
Session 6.2 - General Session - Part III
Chair: R. Tinarelli
15:00 CEST 1570716037 - Real Time Car Passengers Comfort Monitoring by means of Environmental and Vibrational Measurements
Ada Fort; Elia Landi; Marco Mugnaini; Lorenzo Parri; Alessandro Pozzebon; Valerio Vignoli
1570716200 - A Wireless System for inner Temperature Measurement of High Speed Electric Motors
Igor Valič; Matteo Zauli; Nicola Matteazzi; Gianluca Foffano; Luca De Marchi
15:20 CEST 1570716039 - LoRaWAN in Motion: Preliminary Tests for Real Time Low Power Data Gathering from Vehicles
Gabriele Di Renzone; Stefano Parrino; Giacomo Peruzzi; Alessandro Pozzebon
1570728842 - Cybersecurity Metrics for Human-Robot Collaborative Automotive Manufacturing
S M Mizanoor Rahman
15:40 CEST 1570723689 - A Wireless Optical Position Sensing and Communications System for a Locking Differential
Audrey M Cooke; David Garmire; Justin Davis; Michael Creech; Yogesh Gianchandani
1570728841 - Performance Metrics for Human-Robot Collaboration: An Automotive Manufacturing Case
S M Mizanoor Rahman
16:00 CEST 1570733401 - Multimodal Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment: Toward a Sustainable and Resilient Mobility
Stefano Rinaldi; Marco Pasetti; Alessandra Flammini; Giulio Maternini
16:30 - 17:20 CEST Plenary Session - Modelling, Measurements and Control Logic Optimization in a Modular Thermo-management System for e-Buses
Giovanni Bottiglieri,
Webasto Group